Digital Marketing Summit

10:00–12:00 Day 2

Venue: Disruption Hall

Sime Digital Marketing Summit explores the latest horizons of digital marketing and is designed to challenge, inspire and teach great marketeers and communication professionals what they need to know to work smarter. We showcase international and local case studies, share experiences and offer a wonderful mix of speakers and perspectives.


10:00 Where we are and where technology will take us

Maks Giordano, agency veteran, founder Kreait and co-host for the session.

10:15 How Apple was built into the world’s most iconic brand

Interview on stage with Allison Johnson, former global brand director Apple, who built the Apple brand together with Steve Jobs and orchestrated iconic campaigns like the launch of Iphone and Ipad.

Allison Johnson and Ola Ahlvarsson

10:35 Algorithmic Experiences – futureproofing your marketing in times of AI 

AI changes the world of marketing. What does a world of AI enabled marketing look like? And what does a CMO/CDO need to understand, in order to future-proof the capabilities of an organization, and ultimately – herself? Emma Storbacka shares key insights on what a CMO/CDO should focus on when marketing in the age of AI.

Emma Storbacka, CEO Avaus 

10:55 A more social view

SocialView has in few years positioned it self as an authority in the new world of mobile social media marketing. Here Pauline Wallander shares their insights and lessons learned, ready to be applied in your business.

Pauline Wallander, Project Director, SocialView 

11:10 Case Klarna: Building an emotional tech giant

Fintech-giant Klarna recently unveiled a quirky new look and logo – designed to catch millennials attention. Under the hood it is more to it than change of colours and style. David Sandström, CMO, has been instrumental in the transformation of the Swedish B2B company from tech-driven to consumer oriented, as well as in the rebranding into a personal-finance player. Here he tells his story.

David Sandström, CMO Klarna

11:25 CMO roundtable – what´s on 2020

Great CMOs spill the beans and share their upcoming strategies in times of digital pressure. David Sandström, CMO Klarna,  Anne Gro Gulla, CMO Telia, Karl Skoog, CMO Fotografiska, Pär Ekroth, CMO Swish.

11:40 How to create a cult the ultimate story on storytelling

Vikram Gandhi, award winning filmmaker behind Netflix success “Kumaré – the true story about a false prophet”, tells the mindblowing story about how he made up a fake guru and created a cult, and what he learned by doing so.   

Vikram Gandhi, VICE Media

12:00–13:00 Joint lunch, matchmaking and experience sharing with the best audience in town.