Leadershift Summit

12:30–17:00 Day 1

Venue: Ekskäret Klustret (7th floor)

Join the “leadershift” track at Ekskäret Klustret to energize, reflect and be inspired to unleash the potential for impact and change in yourself, your team, organization and society.

Together with Ekskäret Klustret, Sime offers a series of workshops and meditations on the inner journey to shifting your leadership paradigm. Using superskills like perspective seeking and awareness training to cope with the turbulence and complexity of constant change-and co-create conscious, meaningful and sustainable technological progress.


Agenda overview

12:30–12:50 Meditation – Harness your brain’s superpowers

Heidi Andersen, Shero leaders

13:00–13:50 Leadership and empowerment fostering innovation and transformation

(Room: Inner room)

Thomas Kirkegaard, Kirkegaard’s Growth Services

Join this interactive session to discuss the fundamentals of innovation and transformation. Inspired by leading innovation practices, and informed by knowledge from the fields of psychology and neuroscience, we will explore various topics including:
What do we mean by innovation and transformation?
What are latent barriers to these efforts?
How can we foster innovation and transformation through new leadership qualities and organizational principles?

Thomas is passionate about innovation, transformation and co-creation of new frameworks, communities, arenas and activities fostering flourishing and resilient lives, organisations and societies. He has 20+ years of corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial experience, with professional strongholds within leadership, innovation, strategy development and marketing. Thomas is currently working as an independent consultant, and has a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics.

13:00–13:45 3 keys to crush your inner glass ceiling & unleash your superpowers

(Room: Utblicken)

Conquer your hidden fear and get in touch with your inner wisdom to take the leap into your highest potential as a leader and in your life.

Heidi Andersen, Shero Leaders

Heidi is a mindset coach, author, art therapist, mindfulness and one of the first to teach mindfulness (MBSR) in Sweden. She has lectured and taught individuals, leadership groups and organizations how to incorporate wise & mindful leadership, positive psychology, and neuroscience for a resilient and balanced life, increased creativity, productivity, and joy. Her mission is to inspire individuals and groups to access their “wise” mind which always leads to having more possibilities than believed to affect one’s selfand world for good. Leadership starts as an inside job! 

Heidi’s start-up Shero Leaders supports women leaders and entrepreneurs to be their own sHero, to unleash their unique (super)power, inner wisdom and cultivate resilience so they can tranform themselves and society.

14:00–14:50 Leadershift calls for superskills – being human in rapid growth

Leveling up your leadership skills to co-create solutions to complex challenges.

Caroline Stiernstedt, Ekskäret Stiftelsen och Johan Holm, Gro

Caroline works with assisting leaders and organizations for improved leadership and increased responsibility with abilities for co-creation and managing change. She has strategic and operational management experience from private, public and non- governmental organizations with expert knowledge within change management and process design. Caroline has created, led and implemented various learning processes, leadership programs, conferences and workshops both in Sweden and internationally.

Johan has worked with leadership and organizational development for 25 years. He has worked with organizational transformation, strategy development and management teams.
He is a faculty member of EXED at Stockholm School of Economics.
He has experience from working with multinational groups both in Europe and Asia. During the nineties he co-founded a branding agency. He had a role as digital brand strategy consultant and member of the management team.

15:00–15:50 Mindshift – inner compass and outer structure

Charlotte Hellgren, Nativa och Soon Hammarström, SOON.NU Urban Development

To adapt to new settings and conditions has always been one of the most important qualities for a species to survive as so for humankind. Human brains are wired to react to change in a certain way and in this session, you will get to know more about what happens when we are exposed to change, how we learn and grow, and how we can contribute to change and transformation. You’ll will also get inspiration on how to create outer structure to enable people to be a part of It every day.

Humans are made for life-long learning and growing. Charlotte is dedicated to give everyone tools for learning and growing throughout their whole life. The love of learning has led to a Master in Business Administration, a teacher’s degree, a mindfulness educator diploma and numerous of hours searching for more knowledge within different areas. With her company, Nativa, Charlotte facilitates health, learning and growth through inspiration, education, coaching and project management.’

SOON.NU works with the two perspectives – “Start to do now” and “Prepare for the future” Soon is dedicated to a continuous striving for daily progression; in projects, innovation and the leadership. She is in architect and urban developer. Her curiosity led to a Master in Business Administration and she works as an agile project manager and change facilitator.
Your tools for contributing to and coping with change and transformation.

16:00–16:30 How to build succesful teams and avoid pitfalls

Ability To Improve/MyNeeds Marianne Strindin
One of the keys to innovation and high-performance groups are diversity and specifically diversity of thoughts. When a group need to grow, we tend to look for people very alike ourselves in order to make the work flow easier. That has proven to be ineffective for innovation. In this seminar you will get to know more about what pitfalls a leader is facing when building teams for innovation and how to generate diversity of thoughts.

Ability To Improve works with organizational change towards sustainability and aligning strategy, culture and structure. With tools, models and training organizations gets a transformative leadership and engaged employeeship. Marianne works with assisting
leaders and organizations towards sustainability. She has strategic experience from private, public and non- governmental organizations and has designed, led, and implemented change projects, processes, employee programmes, leadership training and workshops.

Marianne is certified in using MyNeeds® and work together with the founder of the innovative tool for groups and leaders, Desirée Rova. More information about Desirée and the tool at www.myneeds.se/en/

16:30–16:50 Closing Meditation & Circle

Thomas Kirkegaard, Kirkegaard’s Growth Circle