AI Summit

10:00–12:00 Day 1

Venue: Disruption hall

The Sime AI Summit explores the exploding opportunities (and threats) in a world where artificial intelligence soon outsmarts the human. Where automation and self-learning systems create unparalleled efficiency and at the same time shatter industries and make human jobs obsolete. A world class speaker line up including AI superstar Professor Max Tegmark will address questions like: Where is AI today and in a not so distant future?


10:05 Life 3.0 – How to cope with manmade super intelligence

It’s not science fiction anymore. Next generation AI raises questions on democracy, ethics and the future of the human race.

Max Tegmark and Ola Ahlvarsson discuss the future of humanity.

10:20 Artificial Intelligence for Education

Joel Hellermark, founder Sana Labs.

10:45 AI for real – 4 companies discuss the role of AI today and tomorrow 

SAS, Telia and two more to come.

11:15 Myths debusted – state of AI in a disrupted world

What companies need to know about AI to tackle the future – and what they don’t have to bother about yet.

Charlie Muirhead, founder Cognition X.

11:30 BIazing your tale with Einstein – AI’s new frontiers

Baman Motivala, Area Vice President Nordics, Salesforce.

11:45 Meet Harmony – the first “robotic girlfriend” and her maker

Matt McMullen, creator of Harmony and Henry discuss the future of life, love and relationships.

Matt McMullen, founder and CEO Realbotix.