Leadershift Summit

09:00–17:00 Day 2

Venue: Ekskäret Klustret (7th floor)

Join our “Leadershift” Summit at Ekskäret Klustret to energize, reflect and be inspired to unleash the potential for impact and change in yourself, your team, organization and society.

Together with Ekskäret Klustret, Sime offers a series of workshops and meditations on the inner journey to shifting your leadership paradigm. Using superskills like perspective seeking and awareness training to cope with the turbulence and complexity of constant change-and co-create conscious, meaningful and sustainable technological progress.


Agenda overview

09:00–09:50 Wise leadership

Why future leaders will navigate complexity by combining factfulness with clarity in values to guide ethical decisions.

Fact is, we use feelings much more than we’d like to think. It’s time to say goodbye to the myth of the rational decisionmaker and welcome the wise leader who is aware of the feelings ad values in play, yet willing to see the blind spots.

Bita Yazdani

The future is wise

In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power” Yuval Noah Harari

–Is AI our next messiah of the end?

–Will globalization raise all the boats or was it a Wall Street narrative that widened the gap?

In a post 2016 world of fake news and alternative facts, we know that people seem to find enough data to prove basically the any point. It’s about time we say adieu to an old narrative of the rational leader and instead welcome the wise leader, a decision-maker who is aware of their values yet humble to realize how those skew the facts we choose.

Join a session that helps you understand how to awaken the wisdom in you and your business.

Bita Yazdani is a culture strategist and business philosopher who worked closely with Simon Sinek to discover the why of many organizations. today she brings insights and learnings from neuroscience, biology, psychology, philosophy and history to inspire business leaders to lead with greater clarity in values. Bita and her team at SelfLeaders inspire leaders not only to clarify organizational values  but also empower all their employees to discover their personal values in a journey to discover the wisdom and ethics of organizational cultures and societies.


10:00–10:50 Trust-based leadership in reality

Stefan Lidbrink, Lidbrink och Carneheim AB

Most of us would like to do a good job when at work. How can we as leaders then facilitate this and get more empowerment in the organizations? Is trust-based leadership the way forward and, if yes, how do I do it in reality?
Join this session and you will get hold of a leadership mindset and a step by step method using “The Leader’s Ladder”. This will give you a tool to achieve a sustainable and empowering way of leading.

Stefan is passionate making people grow. He has 20 years of different managers position in R&D, sales and product management in an international environment. During these years’ leadership was his main focus and he has been nominated to the Swedish leadership award “Årets Chef”. He has a diploma in existential counselling and a certificate in leadership coaching and development. Stefan who has a Master of Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is currently working as an independent consultant.

11:00–12:30 Leadershift in complex and cross-collaborative challenges in a rapidly changing world

Pontus Holmgren och Johan Holm, Gro

Pontus is a licensed psychologist within the specialized field of group- and organisational psychology. He has, since the mid 1990’s worked as a management and business consultant for several multinational companies, and has for the past years been involved in the development of leaders and organisations in Europe and Asia as well as in Scandinavia. He is a frequent lecturer on change- and group dynamics at the Faculty of Psychology at Stockholm University.

Johan has worked with leadership and organizational development for 25 years. He has worked with organizational transformation, strategy development and management teams.
He is a faculty member of EXED at Stockholm School of Economics
He has experience from working with multinational groups both in Europe and Asia. During the nineties he co-founded a branding agency. He had a role as digital brand strategy consultant and member of the management team.

13:00–13:50 Burn with Passion without burning out!

Burnout is epidemic in the ever increasing complex world and is the biggest threat to aspiring leaders/companies creativity & success. Success requires algorithms for resilience. Master your mindshift!
Heidi Andersen, Shero Leaders

Heidi is a mindset coach, author art therapist, mindfulness teacher and one of the first to teach mindfulness (MBSR) in Sweden. She has lectured ad taught individuals, leadership groups and organizations how to incorporate wise & mindful leadership, positive psychology, and positive neuroscience for a resilient and balanced life, increased creativity, productivity, and joy. Her mission is to inspire individuals  and groups to access their “wise mind” which always leads to having more possibilities than believed to affect one’s self and world for good. Leadership starts as an inside job!

Heidi’s start-up Shero Leaders supports women leaders and entrepreneurs to be their own sHero, to unleash their unique (super)power, inner wisdom and cultivate resilience wo they can transform themselves and society. 

14:00–14:50 “Leadership- Surfing at the edge of chaos”

Göran Genvi, Nature Academy Learning Lab

Göran is founder and CEO of Nature Academy Learning Lab, Senior Advisor at Tällberg Foundation, coaching and faculty for Project Managers at SSE Stockholm School of Economics, in the U-theory. He is a co-founder of United Spaces,and board member Ekskäret Foundation with the aim to facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious society.

Since the early 90’s Göran has been utilizing nature as the main teacher and classroom for innovation and change, in his work for sustainable development and leadership training. He uses ancient wisdom and Universal principles for bringing about “new” perspective and awareness.

15:00–16:30 Leadership Qualities for Organizations of Tomorrow

What is needed to turn today’s challenges into the opportunities of tomorrow? Join this exploratory workshop to discuss what you believe are key qualities for people to lead themselves and others towards a better and sustainable future.Shero Leadership Academy

Thomas Kirkegaard, Kirkegaard’s Growth Services

Which leadership qualities are needed to create flourishing and resilient organizations and societies? How can new leadership qualities help us grow, relate, collaborate, co-create and live in more meaningful ways? What is needed to turn today’s challenges into the opportunities of tomorrow? Join this exploratory workshop to discuss what you believe are key qualities for people to lead themselves and others towards a better and sustainable future.

Thomas is passionate about innovation, transformation and co-creation of new frameworks, communities, arenas and activities fostering flourishing and resilient lives, organisations and societies. He has 20+ years of corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial experience, with professional strongholds within leadership, innovation, strategy development and marketing. Thomas is currently working as an independent consultant, and has a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics.

16:30–16:50 Closing Meditation & Circle

Thomas Kirkegaard