Social Impact Zone

08:00–17:00 Day 2

Sime Social Impact invites non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs for a free, invitation-only, Sime experience with a long and proud tradition.
Together with Ekskäret Klustret we will be hosting a Sime Social Impact Zone in Klustret’s unique co-creating environment and at the “Revelation Space”.

Aiming to build bridges between the social impact sector and the business sector to address the complexity and turbulent challenges we face at work and in society, we look at which topics are on top of the “social impact agenda” of today and tomorrow, in times of constant change and complexity.


Agenda overview Day 2

08:00–08:50 Morning kick-off – what you have learned, what you want more of and set your intention for rest of day 2.

Breakfast with Therese von Blixen, co-founder Sime Social Impact and Heidi Andersen, Shero Leaders.

For the rest of the day, we invite you to join both the Leadershift Zone and Sime sessions, with topics highly relevant to leader- and ownership from a social impact perspective.

To give you a little help to navigate the agenda, these are the slots we would say are the most relevant to Sime Social Impact guests:

@ Sime & Sime Social Impact:

10.30 Finding a new narrative for humans and the planet

Caroline Stiernstedt and Tomas Björkman, Ekskäret in dialogue with Lisen Schultz, Stockholm Resilience Center.

Venue: the Playa a.k.a. Epicenter Terrace

10:15 How Apple was built into the world’s most iconic brand.

Interview with Allison Johnson, former global brand director Apple, who built the Apple brand with Steve Jobs 

Venue: Disruption Hall

11.40 How to create a cult

Vikram Gandhi, award winning filmmaker (Kumaré – the true story about a false prophet) and senior editor at Vice Media.

Venue: Disruption Hall

13:30 Tech with a human touch – making true sense of sensor data

Sensors can collect immense amounts of data on people’s behavior or activities. The challenge is to uncover the real human needs behind the observations, and translate them into smart solutions. Ellen Sundh shares her insights from cutting edge IoT projects in the intersection between technology and humanity, and shows us how a smart world can get even smarter. 

Ellen Sundh, Creative Technolgist, Veryday
Venue: Disruption Hall

@ Klustret:

11:00–12:30 Leadershift in complex and cross-collaborative challenges in a rapidly changing world 

Pontus Holmgren, Johan Holm, Gro

13:00–13:50 Burn with Passion without burning out! Success requires algorithms for resilience

Heidi Andersen, Shero Leaders
Burnout is epidemic in the increasingly complex world and is the biggest threat to aspiring leaders/companies creativity & success. Master your mindshift!

Additional opportunities: 

12:00–13:00 Social impact lunch with Care of Business @Klustret, floor 7

An opportunity for anyone interested in social impact to meet female entrepreneurs, many of whom have come to Sweden for humanitarian reasons and who are working towards sustainable businesses with a social impact. A relaxed lunch and opportunity to explore connections for a limited no. of 20 Sime Social Impact guests. Sign up in the reception on the 5th floor.

19:00–late The Epic Sime Closing Party followed by after party at YUC!