Intrapreneur Summit

15:30–17:30 Day 2


You should come to this summit if you:

1) Are an entrepreneur in your company;

2) Want to speed up the digital transformation in your company;

3) Want to connect with people who have been and are currently in the same journey as you are.

Venue: Disruption hall 


15:35 How to create an innovation culture?

Digital transformation requires commitment in building up an innovation culture,  what type of leadership requires to ensure a healthy soil to raise more intrapreneurs within corporates?

John Ekman, Founder of Conversionista

16:05 Best practices from successful intrapreneurs in banking, alcohol and logistics

Together with X- initiative leaders, we investigate whether there is room for moon shots within corporates, and discuss the impact  from the initiatives.

Mart Maasik, Innovation Lab Director of SEB

Åsa Caap, Founder and CEO or OurVodka

16:25 The StartUp Way from Eric Ries/Lean Startup Co.

Eric Ries, the famous author of the modern management book “The Startup Way” and Lean Startup Co., co-founded by Eric Ries, the world’s leading education program for organization innovation. Moderated by Mahesh Kumar, CEO of Result and co-founder of Epicenter.

Together with his input, we discuss:

1) Entrepreneurship as the missing function;

2) Innovation Metrics;

3) Innovation Accounting. 

16:45 Roundtable discussions and key takeaways

What is intrapreneurship within your organisation? What are the key challenges to unlock innovation within your organisation? If you had a magic wand, what would you change? Moderated by Mahesh Kumar.

Note: the agenda may be subject to change.