Inspiration session: Allison Johnson, Vikram Gandhi, Ola Ahlvarsson and more…

09:00–11:00 Day 2

Venue: The Playa a.k.a. the Epicenter Terrace

Over the days you will meet in total approx. 100+ speakers including Allison Johnson, ex Global Marketing Director Apple Inc. during the Steve Jobs era, Vikram Gandhi, filmmaker, Kumare – the true story about a false prophet and Vice Media senior editor, Ola Ahlvarsson, our host and co-creator of Sime and more…

Note: The agenda points and exact times are subject to change.


Morning sessions:

09:00 Founder stories – meet spectacular entrepreneurs

Ola Ahlvarsson, co-creator, Sime, and friends.

Key takeaways:

–Ola picks his top entrepreneurs and makes them share their secrets.

–Paths to growth.

–Under the hoods of successful scale-ups.

09:30 The secrets behind building Apple, the most iconic brand in history

Allison Johnson, ex Global Marketing Director, Apple Inc. during the Steve Jobs era.

Key takeaways:

–The secrets behind building Apple, the world’s most succesful brand.

–Why the user experience is the heart of building a brand.

–Branding for start-ups, scale-ups and grownups.

–What you learn from working with Steve Jobs. 

10:00 How to create a cult – championing your brand like a guru

Vikram Gandhi, filmmaker, Kumaré – the true story about the false prophet and Vice Media senior editor.

Key takeaways:

–How to create loyal followers.

–The power of storytelling.

–Fake news and the real deal

10:30 Finding a new narrative for humans and the planet

Caroline Stiernstedt and Tomas Björkman, Ekskäret in dialogue with Lisen Schultz, Stockholm Resilience Center.


Afternoon sessions:

14:00 Member stories – Epicenter champions on the scale

Tim Bjelkstam CEO and Co-founder Tiptapp, Mart Maasik, SEB Innovation Lab, Therese Engström, Sime Social Impact.

14:30 Musse & Helium – Meet two cross media characters and their creator

Camilla Brinck, founder Musse & Helium, the audiobook and book success.

Key takeaways:

–How to create a multimedia phenomenon in your basement.

–Getting to know two cool cartoon characters.

15:00 Success and/or happiness – balancing ambition and happiness in an exponential society

Anna Bennich Karlstedt, psychologist, author.

15:20 Management by sleep

Ola Ahlvarsson, co-founder Sime, Epicenter and Result

15:40 Making AI your business – deep dive in industrial AI and why should care

Charlie Muirhead, serial entrepreneur and co-founder CognitionX, the leading AI analyst firm.

16:00 Picturing the future – fine arts + tech a life long love affair

Jacob Felländer, artist, photographer