Leading Digital Transformation Summit

15:00-17:00 Day 1

Venue: Disruption hall

The world changes faster than ever, and challenges how we live, lead and do business. In this thoughtleader session we explore how to navigate as a leader in a new, digital and truly global economy – where constant change is the new normal. How do we ensure growth, competitiveness, trust and innovation in a sustainable way? We share experiences from fast growing disruptive companies as well as industry leaders in the midst of transformation. We learn about new business models and the impact of disruptive technologies such as AI, IoT and Blockchain. We discuss the rise of new global platforms, partnerships, ecosystems and what it all requires when it comes to leadership.

Note: the agenda points are subject to change – stay tuned…


15:00 Who is mastering Digital Transformation?

Ola Ahlvarsson, Sime

15:20 Google, Amazon, Alibaba and the rest – the new global game plan of ecosystems

15:40 Disruptor or Disrupted? Four industries under pressure





16:10 Leading in the age of Digital

Ann Hellenius, Senior Digital Professional/CIO

16:30 Reinventing your Business Model – Lessons Learned

16:45 Blockchain – the boogieman or the best thing since sliced bread?