Expert talks

10:00–12:00 Day 2

Venue: Revelation space (unless when specifically noted)

Note: The Expert Talks are only available for full-access, VIP participants and participants with one or two day passes. 

A Sime Expert talk is a thought leader session where handpicked experts and executives discuss a topic with the ambition to dig deeper and share experience. Group sizes range from 15 to 50 with an average of 30 participants.

The Expert talks is where the most relevant topics and smoking hot phenomena are covered in the Expert Talks format.

Expert Talks will be held on the following topics:

Day 2, May 31


11:00 Generating businesses and insights from Big Data

Marcus Velin, crowd insights product manager, Telia.

11:00 The future of Education (Venue: Technium)

From old school to lifelong learning powered by techology.

Christopher Pommerening, founder Our Dream School.

Jahongir Mirzoe, coordinator, Epicenter Academy

13:30 Driving digital transformation – case: Volvo (Venue: Technium)

(Previously called: The last untouched frontier: d-commerce for automotive )

Bobbykin Makwana and Adam Crouch, VP Consumer Commercial, Volvo Car Group

15:00 Scaleup – the art and science of growing a business fast (venue: Technium)

Natalya Tacheci, and Adrian McDonald, Growth advisors, Result.

15:00 Blockchain – huh?

Join blockchain viruosos Johan Sellström, Co-founder at Care Chain and Erik Wikström, Partner at Result and other friends curious about everything blockchain.