– The perfect mix of technology and humans


– The perfect mix of technology and humans


– The perfect mix of technology and humans

Sime Stockholm

Sime has since 1996 been a destination for leaders interested in digital transformation. As a co-founder and owner of Epicenter, an international network of digital innovation houses, as the creator of industry events and of the flagship event Sime Stockholm as well as by curating a community of the most interesting minds and hearts in digital.

Sime Summer May 30–31

Sime Summer May 30–31 was built around the most interesting trends and phenomena with an agenda designed to give you a helicopter perspective of the cutting edge of digital and deep dive into what is most important for you.

“We’d rather die than be boring or irrelevant!”

Who goes to Sime?

All of our events target professionals and leaders interested in digital business opportunities and in staying ahead in an increasingly fast moving environment where technology creates threats and opportunities for every industry and every company.

What is Sime?

True high level digital inspiration on the Sime main stage with deeper knowledge delivered via our summits at the venue and on Epicenter. A lot of business matchmaking and amazing fun throughout two days and nights.

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Sime Next

Sime Next is a wonderful full day event for kids 13–17 years old designed to inspire them to follow their dreams, teach them (digital) entrepreneurship and understand that they have a chance to create their own future.

Sime Social Impact

This is the place where NGO:s & corporations, foundations & social enterprises mix and mingle to explore how technology can, and should be, used to make our world a better place through collaborations for change.

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